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She wanted her boyfriend to confront me, but I offered him 1000 Euro so he could go to the store.

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Matilda Hunter (Indiana Evans) takes an interest in Kim and feigns drowning to get his attention only for it to backfire and end up struggling for real. Matilda overhears Kim talking to Robbie and saying he will ask out his sister.However, Kim means Robbie and Matilda's older sister, Kit (Amy Mizzi).She becomes his counsellor in order to help him handle his recent grief.They become closer and Kim steps up his quest to woo her and they become a couple.Brian Helpman (John Noble), Rachel's superior begins blackmailing her about the relationship and Rachel is forced to come clean and is luckily able to continue as a doctor.

His ex, Brooke Mc Pherson (Alyssa Mc Clelland) returns, telling him he is the father of her son Charlie.

He quickly befriends Robbie and embarrasses him in front of his girlfriend Tasha Andrews (Isabel Lucas) when he questions Robbie's virginity.

The moment is interrupted when the three witness Noah Lawson (Beau Brady) wipe out while surfing. Robbie and Tasha are impressed with his heroics and suggest he join a swimming team, which Kim declines having previously been on one.

Kim arrives in Summer Bay after his father, Barry (Ivar Kants) is appointed principal of Summer Bay High at the start of the school year.

It is clear the two do not get along and already had previous issues when Barry taught at Kim's previous school.