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Fred originally drew in pencil on bright white inkjet paper.

Msmoney updating your accounts locks up not my apple id when updating app store apps

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I considered listing gnucash, but discarded the idea because the software is billed as an “accounting” package.

GRS readers report that it’s actually very suitable for personal finances.

Those transactions are basically queued up for review by me, but theres nothing I can do to access them.

I have attempted: a) deleting the downloaded statement and redownloading b) repairing the money file (quick repair) Any ideas? Converting MSMoney 2004 file to MSMoney 2007I've just bought MS Money 2007, formerly using MSMoney 2004.

Now that Microsoft has thrown in the towel, where does that leave existing users of Money and Money Plus? I’ve received several e-mails about this recently, including this one from Lee G.: “Microsoft just left us in a lurch by killing Money. I’m not really a fan of Quicken, but would entertain it.” It would have been nice if Microsoft had provided a list of these “personal finance management and planning tools.” Since they didn’t, I spent a couple of hours surveying the current personal finance software options. Which option would you recommend for refugees from Microsoft Money?

Here are some powerful personal finance software programs to take the place of Microsoft Money: From what I’ve seen, these apps are a lot alike: the desktop programs offer similar feature sets, and the online tools are all close cousins. Wesabe has a great community, Mint tracks investment accounts, and money Strands offers a Spanish-language option. But is there any one app that knocks it out of the park? For myself, I’ll continue to use the desktop version of Quicken on my Mac for my personal finance software. Many commenters also recommend gnucash, a free Open Source money-management tool.

Maybe there's a space in the world for a Personal Finance Manager - a Money Killer or Quicken Killer - written in Adobe Apollo, Flash or Silverlight.

I try to open my money 2004 file using money 2007 and money 2007 tries to convert it but fails.

Ive had a look on the Microsoft Site and found a knowledgebase article which suggests Money 2004 and earlier files cant be opened with Money 2006 and later.

Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee.

He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.