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Lorena is from Puerto Rico and Jason hails from Arkansas...

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Shana and Jennifer met six years ago and have been friends ever since.Name: CHRISTINA HSU Occupation: Policy Analyst Age: 26 Hometown: Washington, D. Christina's main goal on the Race is to have her father, a self-proclaimed workaholic, stop and smell the roses for once in his life.Name: KYNT COTHRON (MALE) Occupation: Waiter/Hair Salon Receptionist Age:31 Hometown: Louisville, Ky.Longtime fans of the show who have delighted at labels like "Dating/Virgins" will find some amusement here, as the new teams include "Dating Goths" and "Married Ministers" among their titles.Also notable is that this is a group of contestants that almost entirely, with just a few exceptions, come from the Southern California area.Name: KATE LEWIS Occupation: Episcopal Clergy Age: 49 Hometown: Thousand Oaks, Calif.