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Investment Banking Professional Experience in London vs.

New York On your CV, a stint in New York will always look very good and tend to impress people more than a similar stint in London.

You will only know about the US financial system and regulations, and you will only know about the "American way", which will be extremely different from what is done internationally.

Working in London, the majority of your deals will be cross border or outside the UK, you may work on IPOs in Russia, deals in Middle East, mergers with Chinese companies, etc.

Also, the domestic market is very active: M&A volumes in the US are always larger that what you can see in Europe.

Therefore, from a general perspective, Americans tend to be better at financial modelling due to their more extensive experience, and they are used to handle a lot of stress compared to their European counterparts.

London is also unique in that you can travel all over Europe very cheaply for weekend breaks.

Investment banking in the US tends to be a 24/7 job, literally.

Quality of living: New York is more fun than London for the young, party-going types because of the club and bar scene.

However, New York is a big block of concrete, extra cold in winter, extra hot in summer, and if you are a nature-lover or a family-type person you will be very disappointed and it can be very exhausting.

In comparison, the immigration process in the UK is much simpler, cheaper and more transparent: there is a special "Tier I Visa" for highly skilled migrants (it is granted based on a system of points that will take into account your education, age, current salary and any previous experience in the UK), and studying at a good university in the UK will also quickly open the doors to jobs in London, which is not the case in the US.

The other reason is that languages and multicultural experiences are not as valuable as they are in the US than in the UK.