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Some 4,500 grizzled British veterans, who’d fought under Wellington and defeated the French in Spain, arrived in Chesapeake Bay near Washington DC in the full heat of summer.

Most of them had been looking forward to going home, not crossing the Atlantic to fight America.

’A friend tried hard to restrain him from rushing ahead, but ‘at the very moment when I was repeating my entreaties’, the friend wrote in his diary, ‘a musket ball struck him on the neck and he fell dead at my feet.

The bullet passed through his windpipe and spinal marrow, and he was a corpse in an instant’.

One captain, John Knox, wrote home that he’d never received such blistering fire.

They offered a reward for his capture dead or alive and ‘0 for each of his ears’.To say the least, the burning of the White House marked a low point in Anglo-American relations — and seems all the more relevant in the light of pressure on the ‘special relationship’ following the recent vote by British MPs against military action in Syria.As a result of this, senior British military officials have been barred from planning meetings and U. Secretary of State John Kerry praised France, still supportive of military action, as America’s ‘oldest ally’. But Britain was occupied with the conflict with Napoleon: only when the French Emperor was exiled to Elba in the spring of 1814 did the British Government feel free to turn on the Americans with real vigour.His War Secretary, John Armstrong, arrogantly refused to take any serious measures to meet the British invasion.John Pendleton Kennedy was a militiaman from Baltimore thrilled with his ‘dashy uniform’ and relishing the prospect of killing the hated British.He’d lost his boots but was wearing the dancing pumps he’d brought along in the hope that the Madisons would throw a victory ball at the White House.