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Andrew Byrne, 20, used the internet to groom and abuse 19 children, aged between eight and 15, a court heard.

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According to court documents, Daphne later told Gabriella that Patrick only behaved like that when drunk and it was alleged in court that he admitted he had hit her on more than one occasion. In August 2005 on a trip to Daphne’s house in Ireland, Gabriella noticed a big bruise on Daphne’s arm.

The sex is more playful than vulgar, and sometimes it's even sweet. I gave it eight stars instead of seven, because another reviewer took a star away for the bathtub scene between Cynthia and Jeanette.Gabriella Gadoni, a communications executive for a sports media giant, has known Daphne for 35 years. He has a serious problem with drinking and Daphne told me he was physically abusive towards her.’Daphne has always enjoyed the good life as the daughter of a wealthy Irish stud owner and the ex-wife of Guy Edwards, the 1970s F1 driver turned millionaire entrepreneur. Basing his claim on ‘constructive trust’ law, Patrick argued the pair had been a loving couple who had lived together as ‘man and wife’ and planned to marry.Talking from her home in Milan, Gabriella, 55, says Daphne is shocked and perplexed by the decision to allow Patrick to take his claim to the Court of Appeal.‘Daphne is a good, decent woman. She believes that Jason is doing this quite deliberately because he wants to ruin her life.'They were never together. He also argued they had been 50/50 partners in Daphne’s successful property business. Clifford has withdrawn into his mining plans, listening to the radio, and talking with Mrs. He maintains a sort of fearful worship of Connie, who increasingly despises him.With springtime, and the resurrection of the forest, Connie's misery seems all the harsher.She received a £5.25 million lump sum and assets including Fayland House and a property in Monaco, making a total value of £9.4 million.