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German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer addresses this issue in a wedding sermon he wrote for his sister from a Nazi jail cell.

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But all this momentum, Cook said, is likely to now be interrupted following this month's Coptic church bombings.

"Every time [Egyptians] think they're turning the corner, something else happens that undermines the tourism industry," Cook explained.

"We look at tourism as a way to support conservation, so if tourism drops, then that could then have a negative impact on the conservation of the sites.

If they don't have the resources to protect the site, that's a huge concern." The Grand Egyptian Museum, a billion-dollar project dedicated to Egypt's antiquities that is expected to partially open in 2018 in close proximity to the Giza pyramids, has been championed as a saviour of tourism.

"It's really not terribly surprising given everything that's happened since January 25, 2011, that the Egyptian tourism has been hit extremely hard.

In 2010, the country welcomed something like 15 million foreign tourists. It's unfortunate." However, before the most recent Coptic church attacks in Alexandria and Tanta, there were indicators tourism could be on the upswing in 2017.

Carvao said that despite the recent attacks, she expects tourism to continue to climb in Egypt through 2017.

But despite the beautiful chaos, Egypt is actually drought-stricken when it comes to visitors.

Last month, a colossal pharaoh's head - thought to belong to either Ramses II or King Psammetichus I - and a limestone bust of Seti II, were unearthed from from the mud of a Cairo slum.

On the heels of that find, a new pyramid dating back to the 13th dynasty, was discovered just south of Cairo by an Egyptian excavation team.

"Whether it's the Metro Jet [bombing] or the Egypt Air flight [crash], or the expectation that things would change in the coming months, now they're dealing with new terrorist attacks, which are likely to scare people away." However, Sandra Carvao, a spokeswoman for UNWTO, disagreed.

She cited UNWTO data from January and February, which saw a 52 percent increase in international visitors compared with the same time last year.