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The Tirpitz was the second largest battleship in the German fleet (after the Bismarck) and a threat to Allied vessel movement through Arctic waters.

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The best gift of thanksgiving you can give to your guardian angel, as I mentioned in my last article, is to offer Holy Communion in gratitude for their ministry.It is also a good idea to take up the practice, as did many saints, of consulting our guardian angels before undertaking anything both great and small.

Catholic belief not only acknowledges the existence of guardian angels but, throughout most of Church history, asserts that every human during his lifetime has its own guardian angel not assigned to anyone else.His work is beyond the power of meriting, because his work is a work of love. Bernard comically teaches his disciples, “Always remember that you are in the presence of your guardian angel…Never do in the presence of your guardian angel what you would not do in my presence.” Continually reminding ourselves of their presence is an excellent means of overcoming temptation.How many times have we felt his presence and power rescuing us from danger? Let us frequently invoke their intercession in the time of temptation and trial.Let us revere their presence, bless their benevolence, and trust in their care.We owe filial devotion to our guardian angels for kindly warning us and earnestly exhorting us.Once we’ve accepted and got used to the idea, often more contact occurs. They seem to adapt their approach according to their personality or ours. Most angels use signs to show that they are with us.