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14/09/2017 A computer hacker from the West Midlands who gained unauthorised access to data from US military communication systems has been handed a suspended prison sentence today (Sep 14).14/09/2017 Three teenagers who pleaded guilty to attacking two passengers on a train because of their sexuality have today been jailed.25/09/2017 A woman who claimed Β£65,000 in disability benefit over 21 years but spent holidays scuba diving and riding quad bikes has been sentenced to 18 months in prison, suspended for two years today (25 September).22/09/2017 A preacher who gave sermons that offered support and encouragement to terrorists was convicted today (22 September) at the Old Bailey.22/08/2017 Three members of an Exeter street gang who kidnapped and raped a woman they believed was working for a rival gang have been sentenced to a total of 61 years in custody today (22 August).

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Here are some timepiece bts shots I took to hold you guys over~ keep an πŸ‘ out."This wouldn't be the first time that Cole's shared behind-the-scenes production stills: That crow is clicking at us, can you hear it?The wind is so strong, the bird is practically hovering. Years and decades are seconds and minutes to the black bird.

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Either the emulsion side or the bare side could be coated: if the bare side was blackened, the thickness of the glass added a sense of depth to the image.For me it's really about the people and not their masks or roles." Owing to the underground nature of their work and the fact that Eicke had never contacted a dominatrix before, he had to resort to a cold-calling women to find subjects for his project.β€œTheir reactions ranged from confusion over curiosity to helpfulness or even aggressiveness,” he says.Like the daguerreotype, which it replaced, and like the prints produced by a Polaroid camera, each is a unique original that could only be duplicated by using a camera to copy it. During the 1860s it was superseded by the tintype, a similar photograph on thin black-lacquered iron, hard to distinguish from an ambrotype if under glass.One side of a clean glass plate was coated with a thin layer of iodized collodion, then dipped in a silver nitrate solution.The Berlin-based photographer first considered capturing women who make a living by taking control of their clients in BDSM role play scenarios when struck up a conversation with a stranger on a plane who revealed herself to be a dominatrix.