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Touching kissing orthodox dating christian

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It is traditional for the Orthodox faithful to bow and cross themselves when they enter and leave the church, and when they pray before the icons.Kneeling In some Orthodox traditions there are times when kneeling is a pious practice in the Liturgy, the most notable being at the Consecration of the Holy Gifts.Coming to the Hours before the Divine Liturgy will ensure that you will be settled in plenty of time to pray without distraction.Standing in Church It is the custom of Orthodox Christians to stand throughout the services of the Church.We come to church to pray and worship God above all else, and that should be our only focus.While the following references the Divine Liturgy, it should be noted that proper etiquette should be applied to all the Divine Services of the Church.Bowing Orthodox Christians bow when the names of the Theotokos and Christ are invoked.They also bow to the priest at his blessing, and when he asks forgiveness before the Great Entrance and again before Holy Communion.

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It is not necessary to cross oneself when the priest is giving a blessing or censing the congregation. It is not necessary to ‘follow the priest’ as he censes the temple.

Most parishes have designated candle stands or holders for these candles.

It is not proper to light candles at certain times during the service—generally the same times when you should not enter the church, such as during the Little and Great Entrances, when the priest is censing or giving the homily, or during the reading of the Epistle or Gospel.

Doing so gives one time to get settled, to acclimate themselves to their surroundings, and to prepare oneself to offer themselves wholly in prayer.

Arriving late without due cause is always inappropriate.