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The L108 was conceived by pioneering engineer Ferdinand Porsche, founder of the marque, shortly before his death in 1951.His styling ability is evident in the L108, which has a beautifully sleek and minimalistic body.A vast majority fell into disrepair after operating on farms for years.Interestingly the L108 was manufactured inside the German aeronautical factory in Baden-Wurttemberg where the groundbreaking Zeppelin LZ1 airship was built.

The present owner restored the model to its current pristine condition, appearing in its original red and off white colour combination.

Kobres goes a logical step further by assuming that forces associated with incoming bodies, principally intense heat, should also leave visible signatures on the earth.

And, finally, that physics does not demand that a "collision" of the bodies need necessarily occur to produce enormous change on earth.

To verify that such encounters are possible outside of the physics lab, we need look no further than the so-called "Tunguska event." On June 30, 1908, in the vicinity of the Tunguska River deep in Siberia, a tremendous explosion instantly leveled 2000 sq. of tundra, felling trees by the millions, all left pointing outward from a central area.

News accounts of the day told of Londoners being able to read newspapers from the glow of the night sky for days afterward, and seismographs worldwide recording an apparent cataclysm in Siberia.