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Pats job is to prepare the documents, including environmental analyses (yes—they all used lead paint), and make them available.

Applications are sent to the National Park Service.

As Patricia told me, the lighthouses were operated by the U. Lighthouse Service until 1939, when the Coast Guard took control.

By the 1970s, most lighthouses were automated, mariners were using GPS systems, and the keepers were not needed at these sites.

It was automated in 1961 and the keepers house removed. Point Bonita—This lighthouse in the Marin Headlands, built in 1855, marks the entrance to San Francisco Bay.Lighthouses were built here since Gold Rush times to warn ships of the dangers.I spoke with City Guide Patricia Duff, who works for the United States Coast Guard in their Lighthouse Divestiture program.But if you live around San Francisco Bay, you know about the fog.And there are other dangers for ships, including strong gales, rocks, and shoals.It was the first fog signal on the West Coast using a cannon, a predecessor to later bells, gongs, horns, and sirens.