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Residents were asked to let their lawns grow unruly, and, along Main Street, newspapers were plastered over store windows while life went on inside.

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When Josh Holloway auditioned for Sawyer, the producers liked the edge he brought to the character (he reportedly kicked a chair when he forgot his lines and got angry in the audition) and his southern accent, so they changed Sawyer to fit Holloway's acting.

Yunjin Kim auditioned for Kate, but the producers wrote the character of Sun for her and the character of Jin, portrayed by Daniel Dae Kim, to be her husband.

But the greatest hype surrounds celeb relationships–who’s dating who (or let’s face it, who’s merely spotted next to whom), where they’re wining and dining, and especially anything to do with celebrity weddings.In Hyperion Heights, Roni seeks Weaver’s help in finding answers, and Tilly offers Rogers some intriguing advice concerning Eloise Gardener, on “Once Upon a Time,” FRIDAY, NOV. EST), on The ABC Television Network, streaming and on demand.(ABC/Jack Rowand) LANA PARRILLA ONCE UPON A TIME – “Beauty” – It’s Halloween in Hyperion Heights and Victoria forces Ivy to take Lucy trick-or-treating.Partial cast of Lost, from left to right: Daniel, Boone, Miles, Michael, Ana Lucia, Charlotte, Frank, Shannon, Desmond, Eko, Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Locke, Ben, Sayid, Libby, Sun, Jin, Claire, Hurley, Juliet, Charlie, Richard, Bernard, Rose and Vincent Many of the first season roles were a result of the executive producers' liking of various actors.The main character Jack was originally going to die in the pilot, and was hoped to be played by Michael Keaton; however, ABC executives were adamant that Jack live.Meanwhile, Tilly appears to be waking up from the curse and is intent on leading Weaver to the truth – but not if Victoria can help it.