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Updating asus linux

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It has served as my bench computer and let me tell you, it’s been a fantastic little board.

It has provided a handy web terminal for technical look-up while working on hardware, and it has been very capable as an authoring and graphics manipulation platform for Hackaday stories requiring some bench time.

With that said, serveral people have reported success with this process.

Please note that the Kodi E-Z Setup Script is still in active development and options may change, or this process may no longer work.

Again, this is for a standalone Linux Ubuntu boot on the Asus Chromebox.

This process will remove Chrome OS and does not have the option to dual-boot.

This post is made possible because of the resources that others have provided.

The purpose of this walkthrough is to provide details on how I set my Chromebox for my own use – with a standalone boot of Ubuntu Linux (14.04).

It’s had regular apt-get update/upgrade cycles and I’ve fitted the little stick-on heatsink that came with it because eventually I managed to get it warm enough that it crashed a few times, but otherwise it has remained as it came out of the box in February, with an early version of the distro.Once you have finished this process, you will have accomplished the following: I am assuming you already have Plex Media Server working with all your media.I am also assuming that you are willing to risk bricking your Chromebox; definitely proceed at your own risk.The computer was then connected to the TV via HDMI.This worked fine, but it was troublesome when I didn’t want to leave my computer on all day, waste electricty, and generate extra heat during the summer.It’s not ideal that community members release their own distros while continuing the Asus numbering scheme — in fact they should probably be forks — so for the purposes of this review I’m sticking with the official download from the web site because that will be the one retail customers find.