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The "Solomonic" buildings excavated by biblical archaeologists over the past several decades at Hazor, Gezer, and Megiddo were not constructed in David and Solomon's time, he says, and so must have been built by kings of the ninth-century 's Omride dynasty, well after David and Solomon's reign. —a bit naive." Now it is Finkelstein's theory that is under siege.

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Ms Malta believes this is because younger people use internet dating in the hunt for a possible life partner so are more self-conscious about how they present online."The older group are not interested in that and can be more relaxed and go with the flow," she said.Ms Malta says many of the study participants reported being surprised by their own sexuality."A lot of them had had big breaks between being widowed and having a sexual relationship," she said."For many they said it was the first time in their life where they were about to have real sex," rather than just lying back and "thinking of England".Ms Malta says she wanted to examine whether technology was making a difference to how older people's relationships developed and the longevity of those romances.She says the results overturn two stereotypes prevalent within our community: that older people are asexual and are not technology savvy."That old stereotype that you get to a certain age and you don't want to do it any more is not true," she said.

Ms Malta says her study has implications for social policy."A lot of the participants had health issues and found sex and intimacy was one of the best things for them and gave them increased vitality," she says.

Ms Malta says many of the older women said the cyber romances suited their lifestyles because they "never wanted to live with anyone again"."The biggest reason they gave was because they had no wish to become someone's nursemaid and housekeeper," she said. She says the participants had on average been using the internet for 10.5 years with the online daters averaging 3.5 hours on the internet a day and the non-internet daters about 1.5 hours.

Many of the participants used the internet for more than romance, she says, adding it was a tool for banking, share trading and booking holidays.

People in this group are at the extreme end of the continuum of sexual problems.

Their sexual acting out occurs with or without access to the internet -- the online world simply adds another avenue to explore sexually inappropriate material.